Music Education Begins in Infancy!

The growing field of choral music now has its own YouTube interview series hosted by Andrea Goodman, director of the Cantilena Chamber Choir in Western Massachusetts. “Talking Choral Music” features noted composers, conductors and business leaders in the choral community.

In this week’s week’s video, Susan Darrow, the CEO of Music Together explains why music education must begin in infancy. Music Together is an early childhood music and movement program for children from birth through age eight—and the grownups who love them! First offered in 1987, its music classes help little ones develop their innate musicality—and much, much more. It’s teaching methods help young children grow up to be the best music lovers and musicians that help to feed choruses and orchestras the world over!

Click the link to take you there:

New videos are to be released every two weeks. Up next on November 12th: a panel discussion by four New York City choral musicians about how to make a living as professional performers.

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