Members of Chorus America are eligible to participate in an awards program that honors inclusive excellence, artistic growth, creative and adventurous programming, education and outreach, service, and generous philanthropy.


2022 Chorus America Awards Winners

Chorus America has announced the recipients of its 2022 awards program, recognizing a broad range of achievements in choral music and service to the choral field. The awards program celebrates and fosters meaningful contributions from remarkable individuals and choruses. The complete statement and list of recipients are now available to view.

Awards Program Updates for 2022

NEW! Alice Parker Fund Award

New this year, Chorus America establishes the Alice Parker Fund Award to support the composition and thoughtful presentation of choral music based in the traditions of Black and Latinx communities. This award will be presented annually, recognizing the exemplary work of a Black or Latinx composer or an ensemble that respectfully and authentically presents works incorporating these traditions and experiences.

The Alice Parker Fund Award will alternate between recognizing an individual and organization from year to year; in its inaugural year, the award will recognize a Black or Latinx individual composer.

Additional Adjustments

With ongoing changes to performances and operations because of COVID-19, Chorus America will continue our pause on several awards that are difficult to adjudicate effectively and equitably due to COVID. We plan to resume our full Awards Program after updating award qualifications and requirements for FY23.

Please see details below and contact with any questions.

Awards for Individuals

Awards for Organizations

Awards for Philanthropy

Chorus America also recognizes generous philanthropy with two awards that do not have an application process. These awards are nominated by the Chorus America Board and the current host of the Conference, and include:

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